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Drum replacement

Drum replacement

Name: Drum replacement

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Drum replacement is now a routine production job in genres ranging from pop and indie to high-tempo metal, and even live sound. Drum replacement is the practice, in modern music production, of an engineer or producer recording a live drummer and replacing (or adding to) the sound of a. Since Trigger 2 has been my drum replacement plug-in of choice for Trigger 2 is a drum replacement system that just works and sounds.

Drum Replacement is not a dirty word. Let's face it, it is as common place in modern recording as pitch correction, but is that really a bad thing?. I don't have much experience using hardware triggers or cymbal replacement, so think of this as a general 'drum hit' replacement type deal. I know it's a touchy subject here, but drum replacement is the industry standard, yadda yadda, sad but true, etc The thing is, there seem to be.

Using drum replacement, you can replace individual drum sounds on an audio track without re-recording the entire track. To replace or double. I'm going to ask you a question about today's hits. More specifically, today's drum hits: when it comes to the popular music of our era, how many.


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