• May 20th, 2016
  • By Eugene

Commercial Truck Towing

Transporting a large truck from one location to another, when it is not possible or desirable to move that truck under its own power, is a job for only the most committed, experienced and professional commercial truck towing specialists. In Las Vegas, there are plenty of towing organizations. However, the best of the best are capable of hauling heavy trucks in a planned or recovery situation.

Selecting the towing professionals you want to work with can be a tricky proposition, particularly in an emergency or rapidly evolving situation. When you are not in the local area, you need to be working with professionals who are extremely familiar with local law enforcement and first responders, the requirements for state and local permitting and certification, licensure requirements and the need for reporting in hazardous situations.

Standard Commercial Truck Towing

Certainly there are plenty of commercial truck towing situations in which there is no emergency. Moving a medium truck or a large semi from one area to another for maintenance, or for sometimes just for business purposes, can require a properly equipped commercial truck towing service. In Las Vegas, there are different providers who are capable of large truck or commercial truck recovery and hauling. It can be a daunting task to sift through the different firms in the hopes of finding the professionals who have:

  • - The best high quality tools and materials
  • - The professionals who are trained properly and experienced
  • - The back office staff that will support the team with technology and resources
  • - Relationships with local law environment, permitting agencies and licensing bodies
Establishing A Relationship

During the normal course of business, establishing a relationship and professional services agreement with a large truck or commercial truck towing company in Las Vegas can be a prudent preventative measure. Meeting with the people whom you will rely upon in an important situation can be what helps keep communication flowing and expectations set properly as things evolve quickly.

Recovery Services

Particularly when time is short, and a fast response is what will keep things moving for your business, it can be critical to work with a commercial truck towing service that Las Vegas trusts and relies upon. Finding this group ahead of time, developing a working relationship and a trust between your companies is ideal. However, it may not be possible to do that – you may have an emergency on the ground which requires attention from a professional, efficient, trained and equipped group of commercial towing experts.

Emergency Services

If you are in a situation that needs a quick response, looking for any old towing group is not going to solve your problems. It’s important to affiliate with a group that has access to local resources, the appropriate in house technology and equipment, and the knowledge and training to use it properly. In some situations, there are commercial towing companies that can provide backup trucks and help transfer your load so that your time off road is very short, while your normal semi or medium truck is repaired locally. Only the best companies that have invested in their employees, their facilities and equipment and their business locally will be able to offer these options.

When dealing with a firm you are not familiar with, it is important to ensure that they own their own equipment and are employing their own professionals. In an emergency situation, you do not want to be working through a third party who is renting or borrowing equipment in order to meet the needs of a job they don’t do regularly. In these situations, commercial towing and recovery services in Las Vegas should also be properly permitted and licensed.


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