• July 16th, 2016
  • By Eugene

Identify The Problem In Your Truck And Solve It

With the advancement in technology and growing need to hire trucks for transporting goods, the users have to pay attention on their performance and functionality by making sure that all the parts are working well. If there is any problem, the users either have to call the manufacturer or identify the problem on their own with the help of the manufacturer’s manual.

Not only that, it is important to ensure that all the parts are in good condition and meet the quality standards as set by the local government. When it comes to diesel truck repair Las Vegas, the user has to give special attention to the following components:

Engine Repair – Gasoline

Engine is the heart of every vehicle that enables it to work in the way users want. If the engine suffers from any problem, the user has to identify the root cause immediately as it might affect the performance of other parts as well. First of all, the user has to check its mechanical elements i.e. piston, cylinder blocks, spark plugs, cylinder heads, fuel pumps and governors so as to be find out the problematic area. The next step is to diagnose the problem- whether the engine is having blue smoke, become overheat, rough idle or there is power loss. Once the problem is identified, truck repair Las Vegas will become easier as the user can easily come up with the right solution.

Engine Repair – Diesel

If the diesel truck is operating with a diesel-powered engine, the user has to check its lube oil coolers, valve bridge function, piston rings, bold grade recognition, piston ring grooves and turbo charger operation to trace the root cause. Once the problem is clearly defined, there would be a diagnosis stage that involves crankshaft diagnosis, low oil pressure, blow-by, engine miss, engine operating temperature, etc. This information plays a significant role in diesel truck repair Las Vegas and allows the user to find out the problem as well as its solution.

Drive Train

Drivetrain refers to the system that bridges the distance between the drive axles and the transmission, meaning that there are a number of components that should be examined. The components that usually encounter problem include clutch brake, pilot bearing, U-joint replacement, inter-axle differential lock, pinion bearing, drive shaft, synchronizers, transmission interlock, seals and 4 & 5-speed synchronized transmissions. The problem might be a bit difficult to identify so, if the user wants to take expert assistance, he/she just have to call them and their representatives will be available at service.

Brakes and Braking Systems

Having basic knowledge about brake chatter, anti-skid brakes, air-over hydraulic systems, vacuum booster operation, air brake hand valve, engine brakes and hydraulic brake line material can simplify diesel truck repair Las Vegas because the user can identify the actual problem within a short time period.

Suspension and Steering Systems

When it comes to the steering system diagnosis, the user needs to consider the wheel shimmy, oil foaming in the power steering system, noise in the steering unit and tie rod end wear in order to be certain where the problem lies. For suspension, working on the tire problems, torque rods, tandem axle alignment, air ride suspension mechanism and leaf spring failure can turn out to be effective in making the diesel truck repair Las Vegas successful.

Electrical Systems

Lamp circuits, batteries, dash lights, horn circuits, oil pressure sending component and windshield wiper circuit could be the problematic elements in the truck’s electrical system. To solve any problem, the user needs to have basic electrical knowledge because it is not only about mechanics but, the user needs to check the circuits and other electrical connections.


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