• July 7th, 2016
  • By Eugene

Trucking Services - Best Way To Transport Heavy Goods

As every industry has transformed itself according to the needs of the customers, the trucking industry has also incorporated advanced and less-time consuming methods to facilitate customers with safe and quick transportation services. The trucking services of every company differ according to the requirements and goods that the customers want them to transport.

Not only this, the companies are responsible for ensuring safety of the goods- there are some items that are quite sensitive and it is necessary for the service provider to pay more attention as compared to what they used to give to items that are strong and sturdy.

The trucking industry has classified the services based on the nature of need and goods they have to deal with and therefore, it is quite easy for the customers to contact the right service provider. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), trucking services have 8 classes, consisting of:

  • - Light Duty Trucks: The category is dedicated to cargo vans, step vans, minivans, and full-size pickups, in short, if customers to hire transportation services for small tasks, light duty trucks can be the best option. The trucks are actually classified into class 1, class 2 and class 3 trucks.
  • - Medium Duty Trucks: For transporting goods that are not safe to be carried by light duty trucks, customers are recommended to hire medium duty trucks, comprising of bucket truck, box truck and city delivery. They are the class 4, class 5 and class 6 trucks capable of transporting goods weighting ½ or 1 ton.
  • - Heavy Duty Trucks: The most important classification of trucks is responsible for carrying tons of goods from one place to another. The vehicles included in this category are flatbed, dry vans, city transit bus, reefer and truck tractor. These trucks are named class 7 and class 8 trucks according to their capacity to carry weight.
How to Select the Right Trucking Services?

But the question is how can a customer decide on the right type of trucking services he/she should hire? Since there are different types of services available in the market, customers can get confused about how to hire the services. For this, experts have suggested a few steps that need customers to first analyze their needs and then make a decision.

  • - The first thing to do is to know what types of goods are needed to be delivered and when. Once the customer has information about the needs, it’s time to think about the budget that one can spend. If the budget is small, it would be a bit difficult to hire quality trucking services or vice versa.
  • - Size of the cargo is another deciding factor as the selection of truck depends upon its weight and dimension.
  • - Know the type of cargo to be transported. If it needs some special protocol, hire trucking services accordingly.
  • Since trucking services are normally referred to as carriers of heavy items, the article will discuss class 8 vehicles that are:

    Less than Load or LTL

    If a customer has goods that do not occupy the whole truck, it is recommended to avoid hiring big trucks. LTL services are ideal for goods weighing 150 to 20,000 lbs. if the goods are packed in boxes, be sure to warp them together at one place so that they can remain stable, fixed and compact.


    Flatbed services are quite practical for carrying heavy goods. Since the trucks used in the transportation do not have roof, they can easily occupy goods. The trailers are normally used in this type of trucking service because they do not have sides, thus offering maximum space to occupy load.


    This type of trucking service is useful for transportation of sensitive items that have to be kept frozen or cool throughout the journey. There is a built-in cooling system installed in the vehicle, whose temperature is set according to the nature and need of the goods.

    Dry Van

    They tend to be the best source of transportation, especially when there is no need to maintain a certain level of temperature and can easily accommodate in the inside space of the truck.

    Car Carrier

    Associated with the automobile industry, car carriers are used to bring cars from the manufacturer to the car dealer. The trucking services are responsible for reliable and secured transportation of cars so that they can be sold to the interested buyers.


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