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A bad tire can leave you stranded on the side of the road, blow up at a long downhill, get you a ticket from the Highway Patrol, and lower your semi trucks MPG. Our techs can repair your damaged tire, ensure proper air pressure, mount and balance your sterring, drive or trailer tires with the latest Hunter Balancing Equipment.

We carry in stock the most common brands of tires for our customers, like Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone, Continental, and General.


All semi trucks & trailers come with Air Springs, Coil Springs or Leaf Springs. Each of these suspension systems have strengths and weaknesses, however, with time, the rubber on the air springs dries out and cracks, coil springs loose elasticity, and spring leafs tend to crack under pressure.

Our technicians have experience with all the suspension systems. They will be able to diagnose and replace any damage suspension component.


  • Why is it bad to have a bad suspension?

    A bad suspension will incur you a lot of expenses on the long run. First it will negatively impact your semis MPG, and second, it will rapidly ruin your tires.

  • Why do you use Hunter Equipment for balancing?

    Hunter Engineering Company is known in the industry as the world leader in wheel alignment and balancing systems. We are one of the few repair shops in Las Vegas to use the latest models of Hunter Equipment.

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