Get the best and most acurate wheel alignment for your truck and trailer only at the R&P Semi Truck Repair Shop.
We are the only repair shop in the city to use the latest models Hunter Engineering Alignment and Balancing equipment.


A properly aligned vehicle is one in which all wheels are aimed in the same direction. Some very low tolerance or acceptable error is designed into each vehicle by the manufacturer.
How Can Wheel Alignment Benefit Your Operation? The number one and number two operating expenses in over -the-road transportation are fuel and tires respectively. Both are typically perceived as hard to control. Routine wheel alignment is the most effective way to control tire costs and can impact fuel costs as well. Problems created by misalignment:


Improper alignment is a major cause of many problems. Among them is:

  • Excessive tire wear
  • Increased rolling resistance
  • Unsafe vehicle handling characteristics
  • Driver fatigue and driver retention
  • Premature suspension component wear

We use the newest 6 sensor alignment machine from Hunter Engineering, the "WinAlign WT470". This aligner allows us to diagnose tire wear conditions in 1/3 of the time when compared to previous alignment machines. New technology from Hunter Engineering provides accurate, 3-axle wheel alignment readings in just 4 minutes.
At R&P Commercial Truck Repair we perform Full 3-axle Alignment, steer axle and trailer alignments.
In addition to 6-sensor alignment machine, we have a ForceMatch HD Wheel Balancer machine. This machine allows us to:

  • Quickly measure runout with every balance
  • It helps eliminate wheel-related vibration
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